The 5 Min Meditation Practices


Meditation can be a good practice to improve your health, mind, and soul. Mediation increases focus it is a good stress reliever, and can also improve your empathy. Doing mediation can also be good for your health because it can lower blood pressure, helps improve sleep, and it will improve your immune system. Meditation can improve your soul because it can help give you the feeling of calmness and joy.

5 minute mediation can give you the same results with only sparing only 5 minutes out of your day. There are 3 different types of five minute meditation practices that you can do the first one is Body Scan, the next one is Open Mindfulness practice, and the last one is Metta meditation.

Body scan meditation this is a easy meditation practice the you can do anywhere. You can do this position sitting, standing, or lying which ever is better for you. For this meditation you should start by figuring out where your body is in the room, "ex: are your feet on the ground, are your legs on the couch." Next you should focus on each body part and try to understand how you feel in each one and then try to understand how your entire body feels.

Open Mindfulness Practice this practice can be done at anytime. This practice is for noticing what kind of thoughts and feeling are happening during your meditation experience. The first step it to just notice where you body is in space, then notice what kind of sounds and noises you are hearing around you, next you will open your mind and notice what kind of thoughts you are having and focus. The goal is to observe everything that goes on around you.

Metta meditation is the last one and it a practice where you open your heart up and pour in good things about ourselves and others. This practice can improve your outlook on others and yourself.