Example of 5-Minutes Meditation Process


Research studies have indicated that shorter meditation processes such as 5-minute meditation process to be more useful than longer processes. Therefore, this article aims to highlight some of the short meditation processes and how to go about them.


Open Mindfulness practice

This is a simple meditation process that can be done anywhere at any time. You can either do it in 5 minutes or just in a single minute. Open mindfulness practice simply involves expanding your mind and noticing the transformations happening to your life. The following is some steps that will assist you in five minute meditation practices.

You have to be in a prosperous and relaxed position. In this case, sitting is recommended since you have to determine the relationship between relaxation/comfort and energy/mind awareness.

You have to concentrate and pay attention until a point where you can hear a part if your body breathing. This can be your nerves, tip of your nose or your chest. You have to pay attention to the exhalation and the inhalation process so that you can arrive to the present.

Begin opening up for other activities in the body such as feeling the temperature in the air, contact (contact with your clothes, contact with the furniture your sitting on), 

Open up your sense of hearing such that you can hear the tune and the noise from a room or your body.

Open your mind and get into your profound thoughts. You will consider yourself contemplating, regretting or fantasizing.


Body Scan

This is a popular method of meditation which requires observation of what is happening in your body.

You have to be in a delightful position 

Realize your body contact 

Take some time to observe your body and get into your mind and contemplate.